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Engine Overhaul Rebuild Kit? 21mm For VW Golf Passat Audi A4 A5 Q5 TT 2.0T EA888

Engine Overhaul Rebuild Kit? 21mm For VW Golf Passat Audi A4 A5 Q5 TT 2.0T EA888

Engine Overhaul Rebuild Kit? 21mm For VW Golf Passat Audi A4 A5 Q5 TT 2.0T EA888

12V Universal Low Pressure Gas Diesel Electric Fuel Pump Module 3-5 PSI EP5000. Engine Overhaul Rebuild Kit F21mm For VW Golf Passat Audi A4 A5 Q5 TT 2.0T EA888. OEM Pin 21mm EA888 Engine Piston Gasket Bearing Timing Chain Tensioner Kit For Audi A4 Q5 VW Passat Golf Skoda 2.0T 06H107065DD. Please provide Vechicle indentification / chassis number to vertify.

Please confirm your original piston pin bolt is F21mm. Please read carefully the "Fit Car Model" in the following. Piston & Ring x4 Bearing Shell x1 set Thrust washer x1 set 16pcs valves x1 set Repair Kit x1 set 13pcs timing Kit x1 set Head Bolt x10 pcs.

Pistons & Rings OE# Pistons & Rings Replacement OE#. 06H 107 065 DM 06H 107 065 BH / CM / DD / DG / DJ / DN. 06H 107 099 CA / BQ / BJ / BP. 06H 198 151 B 06H 198 151 C / J.

STD 0.00 spec (no fit cylinder expand). Ring Thickness 82.5x1.2, 82.5x1.2, 82.5x2.0.

Con Rod OE# Con Rod replacement OE#. 06D 109 601 M 06D 109 611 L / T. Bearing Shell OE# Bearing Shell Replacement OE#.

06H 105 561 L 06H 105 561 A. 06H 105 701 D GLB 06H 105 701 C GLB. Seals & Gasket Kit OE# Included Parts. 06J 103 383 D / 06H 103 483 C. 06H 103 483 D / 06H 103 484 A.

06F 129 717 D / 06F 253 039 F. 1K0 253 115 AB / 06J 117 070 C.

06J 115 441 A / 06J 121 119 Intake &. 06H 103 121 J / 06H 103 171 F. 06H 103 085 G / 036 109 675 A.

Timing Chain Kit OE# Included Parts. 06H 109 467 N / 06H 109 467 AE. 06H 109 158 H / 06H 109 158 J. 06H 109 469 AQ / 06H 109 469 AH. 06H 109 469 AP / 06H 109 469 T.

06H 109 509 P / 06H 109 509 Q. 06H 109 507 N / 06H 105 209 AQ. 2.0 TFSI CAWB CCTA CCZA CBFA.




2.0 TSI / 2.0 TFSI. Output pressure:0.005 PA.

Full name, correct telephone number and detailed Physical Address (home or office address) but not PO Box/APO/FPO address are necessary. Our range of diesel engine replacement parts includes the most complete overhaul in the market. We also supply individual parts and components according to customer's requirements.

With the experience of over 10 years supplying. SINOCMP is professional in suppling quality parts and offering technical services.

We Supply Parts For These Models. 3TN63(L), 2TN66, 3TN66, 3TNA66, 3TNA68, 2TNE68, 3TNE68, 3TNM68. 2TNV70, 3TNV70, 2T72(L), 3T72(L), 3TNA72, 3TNE72, 3TNV72, 3TNM72, 3TNE74, 3TNV74, 3TNM74, 2T75(L/HL), 3T75(L/HL/HA), 3TN75, 3TNV76, 3TN78, 3TNA78, 3TNB78, 3TNC78, 3TNE78A, 3TNE78, 4TN78(T), 4TNE78, 4TNA78, 4TNB78. 3TNC80, 3T82B, 3TN82, 3TNE82, 3TNE82A, 3TNV82A, 3TNA82, 3TNB82, 3TNS82, 4TN82, 4TNA82, 4TNB82, 4TNE82, 4TNE82A, 4TNV82A, 3T84(HL/HLE), 3TN84/L, 3TNA84, 3TNB84, 3TNE84, 3TNS84, 3TNV84, 4TN84/L, 4TNA84, 4TNB84, 4TNE84, 4TNV84, 4TNV84T 16V, 4TNE86, 4TNV86, 3TNE88, 3TNV88, 4TNE88, 4TNV88. 4TNE92, 4TNE94, 4TNV94, 4TNE98, 4TNV98, 3TN100(L), 4TN100(L), 4TNE106(T), 4TNV106(T). 2YM15, 3YM20, 3YM30, 3GMF, 3GMD. Z400, ZB400, Z402, Z442, Z430, Z482, Z500, ZB500, ZL600, Z600, ZB600, ZH600, Z602, Z620, Z750, Z751, Z851. D600, D620, D640, D650, D662, D722, D782, D750, D751, D850, D851, D902, D905, D950, D951, D1005, D1105 D1305, D1100, D1101, D1102, D1403, D1301, D1302, D1462, D1463, D1503, D1401, D1402, D1703, D1803. V800, V850, V900, V1000, V1102, V1100, VH1100, V1205, V1302, V1402, V1200, V1305, V1501, V1502, V1512, V1405, V1505, V1903, V1963, V1701, V1702, V2003, V1901, V1902, V2203, V2403, V2607, V3007, V3307, V3300, V3600, V3800, V4000, V4300. F2202, F2302, F2402, F2403, F2503, F2703, F2803. S2200, S2600, S2602, S2800, S2802. 2AA1, 2AB1, 3AA1, 3AB1, 3AD1, 2AE1, 3AE1, 3AF1, 4BA1, 4BB1, 4BC1, 4BC2, 4BD1(T) , 4BD2(T), 4BE1, 6BB1, 6BD1(T), 4BG1(T), 6BG1(T), 6BF1. 2CA1, 3CA1, 3CB1, 3CD1(T) , 3CE1, 4FA1, 4FB1, 6FB1, 4FC1, 4FD1, 4FE1, 3GB1, 4GC1(T), 4GC2. 4HE1(T), 6HE1(T), 4HF1, 4HG1(T), 4HK1(T), 6HH1, 6HK1(T), 4HJ1, 4HL1, 6HL1(T), 4JA1, 4JB1(T), 4JC1, 4JG1, 4JG2, 4JH1(T), 4JJ1. 2KA1, 2KB1, 3KA1, 3KB1, 2KC1, 3KC1, 3KC2, 3KR1, 3KR2, 3LA1, 3LB1, 3LC1, 4LB1, 4LC1, 3LD1, 3LD2, 4LD1, 4LE1, 4LE2. C190, C221, C223, C240, D201, D500, DA120, DA220, DA640(T), E120(T).

4D30, 4D31(T), 6D31(T), 4D32, 4D33, 4D34(T), 6D34(T), 4D35(T), 4D36, 4D55(T), 4D56 8V, 4D56 16V. 4DQ5(0), 4DQ7, 4DR5(0/1), 6DR5(0/1), 4DR7, 6DS1, 6DS7(0).

K2A, K3A, K2B, K3B, K4B, K2C, K3C, K4C, K3D, K4D, K3E, K4E, K3F, K4F, K4H, K3G, K3H, K3M, K4M, K4N, K4Q. L2A, L3A, L2C, L3C, L2E, L3E, S2E S3E S4E S6E, S3E9(T), S4E2, S6E2, S4F, S6F, S6K(T), S4K(T), S3L, S3L2, S4L, S4L2, S3Q, S3Q2, S4Q, S4Q2, S4S, S4SD, S6S, S6SD. 4M40(T), 4M42(T) , 4M41(T), 4M50, 4M51(T), 6M60(T), 6M61(T), 6M70(T).

3D63-1, 2D66E, 3D66-1, 3D67E, 2D68E, 3D68E. 2D70E, 3D70E, 3D72-1, 3D72N, 3D74E, 3D75-2, 3D75N, 3D76E, 3D78-1, 3D78AE, 3D78N. 3D82AE(-3/5/6), 3D82E-3, 3D84-1, 3D84-2, 3D84N-2, 3D84E-3/5, 3D84T-1, S3D84-3/5, 4D84-2, 4D84E-1/3, S4D84E-5, 3D88-6, 3D88E-3/5/6, S3D88-E5, 4D88-1, 4D88E-3/5/6.

2D92-1, 2D92E(-1), 4D92, 4D92E, 2D94-1/2, 3D94-2, 4D94E-1, 4D94-2, 4D94LE(-1/2), 3D95S-W-1, 4D95L-1, 4D95LE-1/2/3, 4D95S-W-1, S4D95L-1, S4D95LE-3, 6D95L-1, S6D95L-1, 4D98E-1, S4D98E-2. 4D102-1, 4D102E-1, S4D102E-1, 6D102-1, 6D102E-1, S6D102E-1, 4D104E-1/2, S4D104E-1/3, 4D105-1/2/3/5, S4D105-1/2, 6D105-1, S6D105-1/2/3, 4D106(-1), S4D106(-2), SAA4D107E-1, SAA6D107-1, 6D108-1, 6D108E-2, S6D108-1. A2300(T), ISF2.8, QSF2.8, B3.3(T) , 4B3.3, 4BT3.3, QSB3.3, 4BT, 4B3.9, 4BT3.9, 4BTA3.9, ISB3.9, ISF3.8, QSF3.8(4), B4.5, ISB4.5, ISDE4.5, QSB4.5, ISD4.5. 6BT, B5.9, 6B5.9, 6BT5.9, 6BTA5.9, QSB5.9, ISB5.9, B6.7, ISB6.7, ISD6.7, ISDE6.7, QSB6.7.

6CT, C8.3, 6C8.3, 6CT8.3, 6CTA8.3, ISC8.3, QSC8.3. 3011C, 3013C, 3014, 3024(C), 3044(C/T), 3046, 3064, 3066,3304, 3306. C1.5, C1.7, C2.2(T), C4.2, C6.4, C4.4(T/TA), C6.6, C7.1, C7, C9. H06BT, EH500(T) H06CT, EH700(T), H07C(T), H07D(T).

J05E(T), J07E(T), J08E(T), J05C(T), J07C(T), J08C(T), S05C, P09B, P09C(T), P11C. N04C(T), W04C(T), W04D(T), W04E(T), W06D(T), W06E(T). DB33, DB58(T/TI/TIS), D1146(T/TI/TIS), DE08TI(S), DE12TI(A/B/C/S), D2366(T/TI/TIS), DL06, DL08, DP158, DP180, DP222LE, DV11, DV15. B, 2B, 3B, 11B, 13B(T), 14B(T), 15B(T), 1D, D, 2D, 1C(T) , 2C(T), 3C(T), 1DZ, 1DZ-II. H, 2H, 1HDT, 1HZ, 1KD(-FTV), 2KD(-FTV), 1KZ(-TE), 2J, 1JZ, 2JZ. L, 2L(T), LN30, LN40, LN50, 3L, 5L, 1Y, 2Y, 3Y, 4Y, 1Z, 2Z, 2Z(Z-FE), 11Z, 12Z, 13Z, 14Z. BD30(T), ED33, ED35, FD33(T), FD6(T) FD35(T), FD42, FD46(T), FE6(T) 12V, FE6TA 24V. H15, H20, H25, K15, K21, KA24, K25, QD32, SD22, SD23, SD25, SD33(T).

TD23, TB42, TB45, TD25(TI), TD27(T), TD42(T), YD22, YD25(DDTI), ZD30(TDI). D1.1, D1.6, D2D, D2.2, D3.1, D3.4, D6D, D6E, D7D, D7E. 403C, 403D, 404C, 404D, 104-15, 104-19, 104-22, 1004, 1006. S723, S753, S773(L), N843(L/T), N844(L/T).

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Engine Overhaul Rebuild Kit? 21mm For VW Golf Passat Audi A4 A5 Q5 TT 2.0T EA888